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About Us

The Past

Sonic Offroad was started as a joint business adventure by Andrew and Matthew Ciasulli, both who have been tinkering around with off-road vehicles from a very young age. It all started when their father, Michael, introduced them to a broken down 50cc dirt-bike. They stared at it in partial bewilderment, with only a few tools and some elbow grease, they managed to clean it up and get it running. The duo grew in age and in experience, taking on various off-road vehicle garage jobs and gaining the knowledge that only comes with time and patience. It was all for the common thrill and excitement of getting on the vehicle and shredding the backwood trails that were in abundance throughout their childhood.

Through their older years they started to innovate, taking on more advanced jobs with interests in the higher development aspects of the engine related world. They developed a dune buggy race car of sorts, with a street bike engine in it and called it the Sonic Cricket. It was basically a steerable roller coaster with a roll cage. Then they went on to create the first of it's kind, a bolt on independent rear suspension kit for ATVs. With that breakthrough they were featured in magazines and put the Sonic Offroad name on the map.

Both brothers were also wrestlers throughout their childhoods, notably Matthew who won three Pennsylvania state championships at Easton Area High School. He graduated number 1 in the country and received a full scholarship to Lehigh University. Andrew also received a full ride to Drexel University for his wrestling efforts.

The Present

Since those younger days Matt and Andy took different avenues, as family businesses tend to do. Andrew went off to found Sonic Solar Energy and Sonic Development while Matthew stuck to his roots and built up Sonic Offroad LLC, which is now a premier ATV and offroad vehicle dealer stationed on the east coast. We sell and have sold ATVs, Side-By-Sides, Dirt-bikes, Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, SUVs, etc.

Averaging 20-30 vehicle sales per month, we here at Sonic Offroad LLC are dedicated to giving you the best bang for your buck in this down economy of ours. We are a fully certified motor-vehicle and power-sport dealer. If we don't have exactly what you want we will work with you to find an off-road vehicle you can call your own at a price you can afford. We are also taking requests, as each month Matthew travels to national auctions to look for ATVs and the like. If you have a special model in mind that we don't currently have in stock we're easily able to look for it on the next trip.

The Future

No one knows what the future holds for any company, but with more and more sales each month the credibility and professionalism of Sonic Offroad LLC is on the rise. Matthew is a very experienced automotive genius, and his tenacity with this business is reminiscent of his aggressiveness he valued in wrestling. See what we have in stock today!

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